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Tricktionary - Kitesurfing 'How to' book

Tricktionary - Kitesurfing 'How to' book

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This book is fantastic, the information, techniques and pointers for all aspects of kitesurfing, from the first board start to the hardest pro moves are in here, all explained brilliantly with some helpful hints from the pro riders to get you landing your next trick.

Take a quick read through our copy in the centre, a highly recommened learning tool

Like in all Tricktionary products, the Kiteboarding Tricktionary in it's Twintip Supreme Edition delivers highest quality in all areas.

The original Tricktionary team around Michael Rossmeier was supported by the two main authors, Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies, plus a large group of pro riders, all contributing together to form the book,

Professional kiteboarders from different countries, disciplines, supported by various brands, perform precise movements with best possible style in well anotated photographs, in order to make it possible to analyse, visualise and describe the movement in detail.

The book has three main categories:

Superbasics - Built as a reference for schools and teaching, and providing advanced kiteboarding techniques for all riding levels and styles.

Airstyle - Also known as Oldschool, is hooked in jumping, flying and sliding.

Newschool - Also known as Wakestyle, contains unhooked moves, starting with Raileys and Rolls until very complex handle passes.


  • 424 glossy pages or high quality print
  • Hardcover
  • Available in 6 languages!
  • Instructional content for EVERY level!
  • Superbasics, Airstyle, Newschool!


Content: Everything from equipment knowledge, over starting/landing until the first jumps using the kite.

subchapters: Theory, Equipment, Pumping/packing a kite, Safety, Launching/Landing, Relaunching, Kite control, Bodydrag, Waterstart, Riding, Stance, Toeside, Jibes, Grabs, Jumping


Content: Moves and tricks in hooked mode, including trimming basics for Airstyle.

Subchapter: Airstyle Basics, High Jumps, High Jumps with Rotations, One-Footers, Board Offs, Advanced Starting and Landing, Transitions, Board Flips, Water Slides.


Content: Unhooked Tricks, from the first time unhooking, over kite loops, until the most difficult double handle pass variations.

Subchapter: New School Basics, Unhooking, Pop, Surface Pass, Blind, Wrapped, Raileys, Back rotations, Front rotations, Kite Loops, Handle Passes, Blind Judges, 313s, Back Mobes, Low Mobes, Front Mobes, Low Front Mobes, Slim Chances, KGBs, Air Passes, Onehanded Handle Passes, Other Frontrotational Handle Passes, Flat Handle Passes

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