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Peter Lynn Skim water Re-launchable Trainer kite

Peter Lynn Skim water Re-launchable Trainer kite

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Peter Lynn Skim Water re-launchable trainer kite 2.8, 3.4 and 4m

We use the Peter Lynn trainer kites in our school as they are really fun and easy to fly, very stable and have a very tough high quality build plus they have the third line for super easy relaunch and self landing. The closed cell design allows the Skim kite to hold the air inside so that it can sit on the water allowing you you re-launch it back into the air

If you would like a foil trainer kite which you can take onto the water to practice kite flying and body dragging, the Peter Lynn Skim is ideal. It will allow you to improve your kite skills between your kitesurfing lessons so that you can progress as fast as possible when you move onto larger kitesurfing kites and progress to board starts.

As a soft foil kite it is also ideal for using on the land for training, kite buggying, landboarding or snowkiting.

The Peter Lynn Skim uses one way inlet valves and closed cells so the kite fills with air when flying and the air cannot escape easily, this holds the kite in its shape and floats when crashed on the water. Using the third line you can flip the kite over and re-launch it back into the sky

Also available as a 4 line kite on handles with wrist safety system, a great all round kite for flying, use with a buggy or board

The kite has been developed to offer a perfect balance between speed and stability, so riders be challenged when flying the kite but will not struggle to keep the kite in the air. 


  • Low-Medium Aspect ratio with specially developed profile - The aspect ratio of the Skim ensures a high stability and used friendliness. The profile used in the Peter Lynn Skim ensures a smooth flying speed and power across the whole wind window.
  • Innovative cross-vents - The profiles contain carefully placed cross-vents to ensure all the cells of the kite to fill with air quickly improving stability and (re)launch. The cross-vents are prone to tearing in hard crashes so Peter Lynn has Created an innovative design to cope with the heavy loads the cross vents sometimes endure. These uniquely shaped cross vents are much tougher than standard cross vent design and are sure to set a new standard.
  • High quality fabrics - With a smooth 40D Mirai top and bottom skin the deck shape is smooth, light and extremely durable. The 70D cell wall profiles ensure maximum durability.
  • Water replellent coating - Materials treated with a water resistant product for water use
  • Reinforced air intakes and bridle points - The air intakes are reinforced with webbing, the bridle points are connected to the profiles with a double stitched seam, increasing durability.
  • Gauze covered air intake with one way valve - Allows air to fill the kite without debris working it's way in and kite stays inflated
  • Efficient Dyneema® Bridle - While being very responsive and direct the stitched Dyneema® bridle is kept to an absolute minimum to increase performance and reduce tangles.
  • Dirt channel & Velcro dirt-outs - Sand and dirt can easily be removed from the kite by using the Velcro dirt-outs in the wingtips. The dirt can move towards the tips via the dirt channel along the trailing edge.
  • Velcro bridle loop - The Velcro Bridle loop secures your bridle and prevents it from getting tangled when packing up.
  • Dyneema® Flying lines attached to the kite and bar Dyneema® flying lines ensure minimum drag and stretch, making the kite more responsive. These high quality lines are already attached to the kite and bar, so you are ready to start flying right away!
  • Life line - The Skim features a setup with two flying lines and a third centre line, called the Life line. This extra line makes a very easy relaunch possible and is part of the safety system.
  • Trainer bar or handles with safety system - The Trainer bar or handles are designed especially for the Skim, making the kite package plug and play. The safety system allows you to instantly lose all power from the kite without losing the kite itself.


The Peter Lynn Skim is delivered as a complete package, containing:

  • Skim water re-launchable trainer kite
  • Skim bag
  • 3-line Trainer with bar or 4 line with handles and safety leash
  • Dyneema® flying line set with stitched sleeves (150kg powerlines, 100kg third line)
  • Peter Lynn Trainer kite manual
  • Peter Lynn sticker
  • Keychain


2.8m2 (teal/orange)

We recommend the 3.4m for most people as it is a good mix of power and turning speed allowing you fly it in the widest wind range. The 2.8m is ideal for children and lighter kite fliers or in very windy locations, the 4m is powerful so best for heavier riders or in lightwind locations.


       Velcro dirt outs                       Double stitched bridle points 

Velcro dirt-outs; Keep it dirt free. When setting up your kite there is always a chance that sand or other debris gets inside the kite, this of course can disrupt the flight characteristics. Sand and other debris tends to accumulate in the wingtips where it can be removed through the Velcro dirt-outs.        Double stitched bridle points: A reliable connection. This construction method is very strong and prevents the bridle points from ripping out in hard crashes. Add to this the fact that there is a very well thought out and minimal bridle on the kite the chance of tangles is almost non-existent.        

 3 line bar with safety leash       Gauze covered one way air intakes
3-line bar with safety leash         Gauze covered air inlets

 High quality coated fabrics               Stitched Dynacore bridle 
Mirai high tenacity fabrics        Stitched Dynacore bridle loops

  High strength bridle line            Zipped air outlet release vent
Stitched Dyneema bridle        Air outlet with zipper

With a large wind range the Peter Lynn Skim can be flown most days and is ideal to practice flying in low winds to build confidence and progress onto stronger winds increasing the power for bodydragging in the water, kite buggying, landboarding or snowkiting.

As well as allowing the kite to float on the water, the closed cell design stops the kite collapsing if there is a drop in the wind which really helps in gusty locations or on a low wind day.


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