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Peter Lynn Hornet kite & Kheo kicker landboard package

Peter Lynn Hornet kite & Kheo kicker landboard package

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Perfect kite and board package for progressing and enjoying this amazing sport, easy to use but also offering excellent performance.

What is included:

Peter Lynn Hornet kite with bag
Handles and lines with wrist leash safety system
Ground stake
Kheo Kicker board
Manuals, stickers, key ring and tool kit

The Peter Lynn Hornet is a great kite if you are looking for something with a nice amount of performance while still being stable and easy to use. We use them in the school in the 5m size (Impulse trainer from 1.5-3m) and they are brilliant,  fast through the sky responsive when turning giving them excellent performance but they are also super stable and easy to use, they stay solid in the sky and fly well even in the gustiest of winds. 

Due to their speed through the air they can create loads of power and so they are powerful for their size, especially when compared to less aggressive kites such as the Flexifoil Sting................ if there is enough wind for the 5m ?Hornet to fly, there is enough to buggy or landboard! This performance also makes them great for jumping when you take them out in a little more wind.

Key Features


The Peter Lynn Hornet is undoubtedly the best way to get into some serious powerkite flying. Its unsurpassed flight characteristics ensure hours upon hours of exhilarating fun. The Hornet was designed to be as stable as possible without affecting the awesome flight characteristics the Hornet is renowned for. Besides being the ultimate 4-line foil for static use, the Hornet will also prove its worth if you’d like to get going in a buggy or on a board, where having a stable kite helps you get going with confidence.


As the Hornet is aimed at the serious beginner, a lot of effort has been put into making the kite as accessible and dependable as possible. This has resulted in the most user friendly powerkite on the market today. Smooth turning, snappy controls, superb stability and equal pull throughout the wind window all add to the great experience the Hornet will deliver for endless flights to come.


The Hornet is easy to control through either 2 or 4-line steering. If you fly the Hornet by only pulling left or right on the handles, it has a smooth turning radius with a continuous power delivery. If you steer the kite by adding tension to the brake lines, the Hornets turning radius becomes much tighter. By using 4-line controls you can be much more precise in positioning the kite, to get maximum performance out of it.


The Hornet is called a ‘power’ kite for a reason! Even in light winds, flying the Hornet is quite an exercise for your arms, legs and upper torso, in higher winds it will prove to be a very potent engine that will easily get you going in all forms of land based traction kite sports. Its refined canopy and minimized bridle make for a smooth & dependable kite that handles well. Even in gusty conditions, there are no sudden power build-ups when flying the Hornet through the wind window, making the kite very reliable and predictable.

Kheo Kicker landboard:

Designed as an entry level all round board for either downhill or kite boarding.

The Kheo Kicker comes complete with natural looking maple ply deck, together with the contemporary graffiti style graphics enable the Kheo Kicker to compete on looks and style!

The use of a 10mm axle offers the light weight benefits of a skate style mountain board truck assembly giving you the opportunity to get into the air as soon as possible!

At 90cm long, the deck makes the Kheo Kicker manoeuvrable as excellent for younger or smaller stanced riders.

8" diamond tread tyres are fitted as standard, giving reliable performance in all conditions. New and improved Kheo velcro comfort bindings offer a more secure fit for increased comfort and performance.

With a total board weight of only 6.1kg, the Kheo Kicker All-Terrain Board is one of the lightest kite landboards on the market.

Use it as a mountain board for use down hills or as a lightweight kite board for use with a power kite.


  • Full 4-Colour graphics
  • Maple deck - strong and light
  • 10mm Skate-style truck makes the Kheo Kicker board super-light
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Reinforced binding prevents tearing
  • Weight: 6.1kg
  • Max Rider Weight: 90kg

Complete with bindings and tool kit. 

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