Liquid Force Solo:

We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to try all the three sizes currently availalble, 6.5m, 9m and 12m and everything Liquid Force have said in the write up's is absolutely true!
The Solo is unlike and other one strut kite and we have tried quite a few, it has a skinny leading edge and rediculously thin strut, these give it very little drag so it is fast and efficient through the air giving it responsive turns, awesome apparent wind, great upwind and super fast to inflate (it took us 32s to fully inflate the 12m!!)
Having only one strut means the kite's weight is heavily reduced, the Dura-X laminted canopy material also helps this as it has the graphics built into the canopy rather than adding heaving screen printing afterwards. Being light allows it to climb the window very quickly and it is nearly impossibly to stall, even in very light winds in the hands of a complete beginner it was still easy to use.
When flying the kite it has a nice bar pressure, a little heavier than the rest of the Liquid Force range which gives you a good direct feel, the depower is very smooth and progressive. We used the 6.5m in strong winds and it felt very stable, safe and east to control and absord the gusts, the final arms reach of the bar gives zero power as it can spill all the wind out fo the back of the canopy due to its more swept design, more on the bar depower then the Envy or NRG.
The kite is very powerful, on the day we took the 6.5m out we took the 9m down aswell as we thought the 6.5m might be good on the surfboard but not good for boosting, we were very wrong, the 6.5m was well powered and we did some massive jumps. It boots really well as the quick turning and thin leading edge allow you to send it back instantly and fast and the open canopy gives fantastic float and pivotal turning allows you to loop and throw it around for a soft landing. Usually the kites with less struts and simple bridles struggle in high winds as they distort and feel a bit sketchy above your head, the Solo is rock solid and you would not think it had one strut, there is some canopy flutter when depowered but you don't notice it at all, no strange feeling through the bar and the kite is smooth and predicatable.
We used the 9m for a lesson and the 12m ourselves both in lightwinds and were very impressed by its ability to fly well underpowered, this is where its lightweight and efficiency really show. Even when the wind was very low it still climbed the window well, moved around the sky nicely and didnt stall. Its quick turning allowed us to keep it moving and its skinny leading edge and strut create a thin profile which allows it to keep flying forwards so it creates fantastic apparent wind, we ca't wait to try the 15.5m as I think it will be even better than the NRG and easier to use!
The Solo's other trump card is its wave riding skills, the quick, responsive, pivotal turing without too much power plus forward flying and driftability even on slack lines make it awesome on the waves, the 6.5m was perfect, we think it is Liquid Force's best wave kite by a long way and possibly the best on the market, can it beat the Airush Wave?!
Overall a brilliant all round kite from complete beginners to experienced riders wanting to use it in the waves, cruising or jumping.



Liquid Force have produced some amazing products for 2013, have a look at the information about them all below or come and check them out and test them in the shop.



For 2013 Liquid Force have 3 kites in their range, the Envy, NRG and Hifi X. All are built using the same materials and the solid construction Liquid Force are known for, the toughest and most durable kites out there. They are available kite only or complete with the 2013 CPR bar and lines and Max Flow pump.


The Envy is the all round kite in the 2013 Liquid Force line up that is brilliant in all conditons and for a wide range of kitesurfers, we have chosen to use it in the school for the last 4 years as it is very easy to use and perfect as a beginner kite but you will also see the likes of pro riders Brandon Sheid, James Boulding and Jason Slezak using it for wakestyle and wave riding.

The Envy is super stable and very solid in the sky making, it has smooth depower, easy water re-launch and good direct feel through the bar. 

We have 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10.5 and 12m kites available for demo

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The NRG is the next step up from the Envy in the 2013 line up, it is high aspect  with an open shape and has a thin efficient profile, these features produce loads of power and allow the NRG to fly upwind, create enormous jumps and serious hang time......the floatiest kite we have ever used!! For 2013 it has been given a complete redesign and is a huge improvement over the 2012 kite, it is higher aspect and has more swept back wingtips, also now has a direct back line which really aids its turning speed and gives it a much more direct feel, plus also improving the water relaunch. 

Due to its amazing power and efficiency the NRG is available in 14 and 16m sizes and called in the NRG Lightbreeze which is flatter and higher aspect, also has a thinner, even more efficient and fast profile plus more open shape to create maxiumum power.

If you have been kitesurfing for a year or two and looking for a kite with more performance or like to jump, we seriously suggest you try the NRG!

We have an 8, 10 and 14m available to demo

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Hifi X

The Liquid Force Hifi X is the performance C kite in the range and the evolution of the Nirvana and legendary Hifi Comp. Completely re-deisnged for 2013 the Hifi X has gone back to its hardcore roots............more aggresive, higher performance and more extreme!

This brand new design is higher aspect, thinner leading edge and straighter trailing edge, these features make the Hifi X more efficient and quicker through the air producing bigger jumps and kiteloops as well as making it go upwind even further than before.
The wide wingtips and direct attachments create responsive and quick turning with the 5th line keeping the centre of the kite stable and solid throughout its flight, making it fantastic for wakestyle and strong winds.
The diamond windtips give the Hifi X a surprising amount of depower, far more than other C kites on the market and not far off a bridled SLE kite.

After using this kite we loved the fact that it had been taken back to the extreme characteristics of the original Hifi Comp, but we were very surprised that the stability is also massively improved, its great! More performance and more stability!

The Hifi X has 3 settings on both the front and back lines attachments to give increse the turing speed and bar pressure or set the kie up to sit further forward in the window for freestyle or sit back for waketstyle.

If you are looking for a high performance freestyle and wakesyle kite that excells when kitelooping and jumping with direct and solid feel, the Hifi X is the kite for you.

2013 Liquid Force CPR bar and lines

New for 2013 is the awesome front line swivel, it uses ceramic bearings which makes it extremely smooth and does not clog up or rust. It continues to use the very simple and safe CPR release system and front line flag out safety. The bar ends are similar to the 2012 bar with soft EVA  bar end floats and ergonmic grip. The LF bar is also very light and a nice thickness giving a great feel in your hands. 

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Liquid Force 2013 kiteboards:

Influence LFX, DLX, Influence, Drive and Edge