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2018 RED Paddle Co. TenSix - Ride 10' 6'' Ride Inflatable SUP - SALE

2018 RED Paddle Co. TenSix - Ride 10' 6'' Ride Inflatable SUP - SALE

£849.99 £708.33 (ex. VAT) RRP: £869.00
The Red Paddle Co Ten Six is the single most popular inflatable SUP board in the world
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MSL fusion composite and airtight coating  - Fantastic construction, super light and durable 

MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves almost 2kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.

Package options:

3 piece adjustable alloy/nylon paddle - included in the price
Red Co 3 piece adjustable Glass paddle - Upgrade for £99.99

THE 10’6″ RIDE

The Red Paddle Co Ten Six is the single most popular inflatable SUP board in the world. Heralded as a classic in all four corners of the world. Designed to match the requirements of the all round rider, it will float and glide easily on flat water, while still riding smoothly and predictably in surf.

While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the surf we know how to build just the right amount of curve into the plan shape to create a stiff board. The 10’6″ is 120mm/4.72″ thick. This increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance of this iconic board. The Ten Six holds firm and allows you to pick your line across even the smallest of waves.

Fin placement and rocker lines are the key ingredients that turn our boards from being ordinary into something that you want to ride again and again.

What’s in the box? The Ten Six comes complete with an awesome backpack, repair kit, waterproof phone/key case, board leash and the Red Paddle Co Titan pump, which makes inflation to 15-20psi really easy, leaving you more time to paddle. Choice of paddles, either the Red three piece paddle or RRD 3 piece fibreglass paddle.


Tec Air is not a product, it’s a process. We looked at how we built boards, and by focusing in on the key areas of the production process, we have been able to refine each process to make the very best boards. All Red Paddle Co boards are built using our Tec Air specification to ensure the best possible build quality. Our strength comes from the inside.


The Ten Six is 120mm thick. This thickness is exclusive to Red Paddle Co and is the perfect combination of stiffness and control for all round shapes. Combined with our inflatable specific nose and tail designs we have been able to produce the stiffest boards for this size. 120mm allows the rider to keep a low centre of gravity while achieving exceptional stiffness.


We have tested every system currently available and even developed fin systems of our own to find the best solution. Nothing comes close to our tried and tested iFin system on our allround boards. Zero warranty requests since we started using the system mean that we remain confident that it is the best option. No tools, replacements or spares are needed for the iFin system – it won’t fail.


After covering over 100,000 miles with our boards we had a really good idea of what was needed from the ultimate bag.Our all new bag has the most significant developments yet seen with inflatable board bags. It has integrated wheels that make travelling through airports a pleasure.The hidden back pack system can be stowed when not in use and is super comfy when you need to put the board on your back.The front loading system makes packing and unpacking super simple.The internal straps make sure the board stays put while in transit.This bag truly is the ultimate solution for travel and storage.


Length: 10'6"
Width: 32"
Thickness: 4.72" / 120mm
Volume: 245 litres
Rider Weight: Up to 100kgs


The rail truth.

All Red Paddle Co boards are actually 2 boards in one. We build a complete board and then laminate an outer/ double layer on to create an almost bullet proof outer shell.We then attach the deck pad and fins to the outer layer. The rail can be the weakest point on an inflatable board. It is where all layers meet and it’s where air pressure loading is at it’s highest.

Red Paddle Co boards have 4 layers of taping on the rails making them the strongest boards available. Most other boards are just 1 layer thick. Our 4 layer rail almost completely removes the risk of puncture or material failure, allowing you to use the board with total confidence. You could completely remove the outer rail tapes and the board would be useable. Other boards would deflate immediately if you removed or made a rip in the rail tapes.

The Titan Pump

Red.Co worked with Bravo the world’s leading pump manufacturer to produce the High Pressure (HP) version of our Ezee Pump, this is attached to a bigger volume pump so that both chambers are used to inflate the board at lower pressures. Once a good pressure is reached, flick the switch over and use the thinner HP pump to pump the board super hard. Almost anybody can pump one of our boards to 20 psi with ease when using the Titan pump. The Titan pump comes complete with a pressure gauge that is clearly marked so you can check your progress anytime. 

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