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2018 North Neo - 25% off

2018 North Neo - 25% off

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The NEO is the ultimate wave riding weapon for all the riders out there who love to ride surfboards, offering excellent freeride abilities as a plus.
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The North Neo is the ultimate wave riding weapon for all the riders out there who love to ride surfboards, offering excellent freeride abilities as a plus. It is the go-to kite for our pro team competing on the Strapless World Tour and the kite of choice for wave riders all over the world.

For 2018 the goal was to further improve the handling and responsiveness of the kite. To achieve this, North designers had to think outside the box, and came up with a unique concept. Special “Flex Segments” have been built into the leading edge allowing the kite to twist even more than before when turning.

This has vastly improved the handling capabilities of the kite making it one of the most dynamic wave kites on the market today. The kite is also exceedingly stable in the air, with excellent drift, making it perfect for freeriding. If you want to get the most out of every wave session, the North Neo is the kite for you!

The Neo can be ridden on 4 or 5 lines and is an ideal kite for riders with a keen eye on simplicity and ease of use. Super durable and made with our highest quality materials and construction methods, the Neo is built to last.

The struts have also been moved further towards the outside of the kite, this has shifted the centre of gravity allowing the kite to sit further back in the window. This enables the kite to drift down the line incredibly well, allowing you to park the kite and ride the wave without having to worry about it stalling. 

Additionally it is responsible for an easy and fast relaunch. The Neo is extremely responsive to rider input on the bar, making it easy to manoeuvre on the wave. The lightweight construction makes the kite very lively in the air, but also means there is even less chance of the kite dropping back in the window as you race down the line.

The steering is lively yet absolutely predictable. The safety works fast and effective. The North Neo's round and compact shape flies equally well making it a great kite for a wide range of riders and riding styles.

This means huge range and top-end comfort on those super windy days and the ability to instantly turn the power off and on at will as you link your turns down the line.

The North Neo’s unique steering sensitivity and smoothness have also been improved by implementing a straight segment in the leading edge for an ultra clean, flutter-free canopy near the tips that keeps you connected and in-tune to the kite’s every movement.

Overall Geometry:
The change in geometry that is shared by all North Neo's is the reduction from three segements to just one segment in the span between tip and quarter struts. This is an idea North have tested and revisited over the years, but only now have hit upon the right way to do it.

From testing, and from observing some other kites on the water, North knew that having too few segments through the centre part of the kite – the part that has the most curve in the arc – has undesirable effects on canopy profile shape. Therefore, North knew they didn’t want to use single-segment geometry through the middle of the kite. However, nearer the tips, where the arc of the kite is normally not so curved and where flat canopy profiles are desirable because of their resistance to fluttering and flapping, the single segment approach makes sense.

The result of this use of single-segment geometry gives canopy tips that are cleaner, less draggy and nearly flutter-free.
This simple yet high performing kite can be used with any 5th line control bar providing the depower line is more than 45cm long.

Product info:

  • Perfect for Freeride / Wave Riding
  • Loaded 5th Line Concept
  • Adaptiv Tips
  • Short and Direct depower stroke
  • 3 Struts
  • Smooth Power Development
  • Easy, direct control bar feedback
  • V-backline system with integrated relaunch bungees
  • Super easy relaunch
  • Comfortable, light and lively steering
  • Direct and fast following steering commands, even completely depowered
  • Low drag design
Sizes: 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m


                     Carbon Grey                                              Red                                                    Green
Product Tech:

North Quality Progression
Quality means a lot to North Kiteboarding. For this reason they have focused our efforts on the best quality management possible over the last few years. We expect lasting performance in a wide range of conditions from our kites. North expect to design kites that fulfill and surpass the wishes and demands of their customers. To ensure they can attain this goal, quality begins at the very first stages of kite manufacturing. They know that a product is always only as good as its weakest detail, which is the reason why all details in construction and production methods have been and continue to be analysed and optimised over the years. In this ongoing process, they continuously work on improvements, but the basic idea remains the same: Both of their kite designers work together closely so that each kite model in the range automatically benefits from every new idea or experience. North represents durability, timeless performance, and the highest possible quality control standards.


Since North were looking for softer, less aggressive- feeling small kites, they reasoned that flatter profiles, which “pop” less when sheeted in, might be the way to go. This is exactly how it turned out.

A 7 percent reduction in profile depth at the centre of the canopy gave a softer feel, and a further reduction of about 8 percent gave an even softer feel. Interestingly, this overall 15 percent reduction in profile depth did not result in less low end power.

Line Attachments:

Most obvious is the change to a “V” attachment for the back pigtail. This has two benefits: (1) it permits a better, cleaner relaunch bungee design, and (2) it gives a more solid bar feel when the bar is pulled in for maximum
One side benefit of the new relaunch bungee design is that the back pigtail “V” and back flying lines are less likely to snag on the tip of the leading edge.

Tunable Bar Pressure:

The 2018 NEO features an adjustment in the back line bridle that permits the rider to opt for greater or lesser bar pressure. Low bar pressure reduces strain on arms and makes turn initiation easier, but gives less feedback about kite position and load condition. Higher bar pressure is a little more athletic and is often preferred by more experienced riders.


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