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2017 Mystic Warrior V Kitesurfing Harness

2017 Mystic Warrior V Kitesurfing Harness

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Anatomical back support, 3D-moulded foam interior and exterior
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Mystic Warrior Waist Harness 2017

Mystic have rebuilt the Warrior in 2017 with this harness having softer edges giving a more comfortable feel, as well as making it lighter, and stronger than ever before!

Colours - Black/Grey, Blue, Teal, Orange, Yellow


  • Human Kinetic Technology System: Analysis of kite forces, joint movements, load distribution, harness constructions and materials has combined findings into fully redeveloped radical harness designs.

  • H-flex Force Frame: The ‘H’ in this force frame is formed by 3 Fiberglass battens. 2 slightly angled vertical ones and 1 horizontal. The vertical battens ensure a perfect harness shape and thus good load distribution during hooked sessions. When you ‘pop’ unhooked tricks the vertical battens ‘flex’ around the axis of the horizontal batten adding comfort. The horizontal batten also keeps the backside of the harness stiff when there’s load on your handle pass leash. So when you crash you’ll be still ‘in’ your harness rather then squeezed ‘in between’ your harness. A thicker but more flexible plastic
    plate forms the base of the force frame. All together, freedom of movement, comfort and load distribution are set to a higher level.

  • System Down System"Waist": Locks the spreaderbar down, giving you more control while performing your manoeuvres. In high kite positions the system activates a side-to-side force chain preventing the harness from riding up.

  • 3D Anatomical Back Support: With the newly invented 3D Back Support, Mystic is technically speaking steps ahead of the competition. The anatomical preformed nylon over the back support which gives maximum comfort.spreaded will be spreaderbar. The spread of forces is divided by the 360° effect which gives maximum comfort, support and fit without losing any feel. The continued strap is attached to the back support from one side to the other side of the harness (360° effect). When hooked in and riding, the tension on the spreaderbar is positioned inside the back panel of the waist harness and gives the waist harness a contoured shape in horizontal and vertical directions. The back support is connected through the continuous 40mm webbing of the harness 
  • Quick release Clickerbar: 100% Safe and Easy to Use. Mystic's Clicker Bar updated again to clickerbar 4.0, now even easier opening and closure.  is super safe and so easy to use, you can get out on the water even faster. Just as the seatbelt in your car, you can hear the loud click, which gives you the confidence that it is secure. It also now features a protective overmould cover to protect the webbing against wear and tear
  • Kinetic Back Support KM3: Combing the advantages of thermo moulding and neoprene, the mould is fitted with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body.

  • Flex Edge: While grabbing your board and tweaking out your tricks the rib's can encounter the harnesses edge. The sides of the harness is now more flexible on points where the load distribution allows it.

  • Integrated Handle Pass System Fix: As standard on the Shadow kite harnesses is a Handle Pass System with a PU tube connected to both Delta double power leashrings.

  • Double Power Leashring: Re-enforced stainless steel rings on both sides of the harness to attach you kite leash or use the handlepass line

  • Battle Belt Waist Closure: Makes sure the harness doesn't move around while riding and stop any unwanted discomfort

  • Soft Neoprene Edges - Soft flexible edges keep you comfy even when moving around in the harness

  • 3D Thermo Moulded Foam Interior and Exterior: The foam is moulded to adjust perfectly to your lower body and give maximum comfort while riding
  • Covered side parts: The side parts of the harness are covered to stop any unwanted releases. The cover also provides a place for the remaining webbing to fold into
  • Safety Knife: Cuts flying lines in an emergency.


4. Anatomical backplate

6. 3D-molded foam interior and exterior

10. Soft neoprene edges

13. Double power leash rings

14. HP system included

17. Covered side parts

20. Multi hook | clickerbar 3.0 | low torque fixation

26. Spreaderbar protector

27. Battle belt waist closure

32. Safety knife included

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