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2017 King Gee Sea King

2017 King Gee Sea King

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The most fun possible in light winds
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The new Shinn King Gee Sea King delivers something unique to the lightwind market place – a truly enjoyable performance. Designed to increase your time on the water in less than optimal conditions this is a board you can ride even as the wind fills in without the need to rush back to the beach for something smaller.

Description: Lightwind, Big Guys

Complete with footpads and straps, this boards understated design is a showpiece with every part being tuned creating a board with the biggest windrange in the lineup. Instigator of light wind sessions this board is unreasonably suited to lighter days going far beyond what is expected for regular boards. The rocker is significantly flatter than other boards promoting early starting and effortless glide with versatile performance, balanced out by bi-lateral flex tips which towards the heel-side rail. 

King Gee truly is a step forwards in “less than” ultimate conditions enhancement, if you want to maximise both your time on the water and the quality of those sessions then look no further, this is the deck for you.

3 Step LW rocker This low radius 3-step rocker gives amazing light wind glide yet the flexible tips allow for stronger wind control and carving

BITE 53mm fins Optoflex moulded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight Full wood core.  

The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability Progressive Concave Better edging, better upwind and superior early planning.

What’s not to like? Squoval 2 mould Bi-lateral tip flex gives un-believeable chop handling and comfort

No quibble Warranty Peace of mind with our no-quibble 2 year manufacturing defect warranty


SIZES: 146 x 46cm | 150 x 50cm

Choosing your size.
Whilst many riders still look at the length of the board when choosing their size it's much more relevant to look at the width.(see below) The length of the board can be affected by the shaping of the tip and tail - which in reality plays no part in the performance of the board. 
All of the 2013 Shinn George boards are available in multiple widths to allow you to find the perfect size for your weight, riding style and favoured riding conditions.

All Shinn twin tips are supplied with our high visibility G10 fins and deck protection plates. Shaped exclusively for us from G10 Epoxy (for unsurpassed durability), this 53mm shape provides exceptional grip for it"s size whilst still offering great manoeuvrability.

Effective light-wind boards are not simply oversized regular boards, simply up-scaling a smaller board rarely gives good results. To achieve the light-wind performance we wanted in King George 3 we extended the flat section in the tips of the rocker without altering the radius of the central section that mostly helps with control. A slightly straighter outline into the tip area when compared to the Player increases both edge grip and upwind ability, ideal for situations where the kite is delivering less power. As with all Shinn boards, King George III features a central concave washing out to flat areas in the tips to provide both earlier planning and extra flex control.

Flex & Mould - Squoval Mould
The result of 10 years R and D the Squoval mould provides un-paralleled levels of bi-lateral flex in the tips of your board whilst maintaining rigidity under your feet. No other 3D mould shape can match the comfort and performance of the Squoval mould.

What"s inside your board will make a huge difference to how it performs. There is a lot of talk about flex but the mount of flex is just the tip of the iceberg, what"s more important is WHERE the board flex"s and HOW FAST it responds after that flex. Each Shinn twin tip has a carefully engineered core that optimises these characteristics and enhances them for the target rider. Core materials, glass layup and mould shaping are all factors that help us in this area but the heart of every Shinn twin tip is comprised (mostly) of an Alabasia wood core…. No other core material offers the same blend of consistent flex over extended periods of time, feather like weight and near indestructible durability (not to mention environmental friendliness). We say mostly because there are some other secret materials in there but we"re not going to give away all of our tricks!
Sneaker X 14

You want comfort, adjustability, secure connection and light-weight all in one package? Sneaker X 14 delivers them all.

Our buckle system allows for the re-sized strap to achieve a huge adjustment range yet still makes micro adjustments a breeze, from petite chica’s to elephants in booties – we’ve got you covered! Our memory foam heel insert ensures the pad is perfect for every foot no matter the shape and size and our new Zoned traction surface means grip to stomp your landings yet easy entry and exit when you need it.

Combine the lightest pad and strap set on the market with the lightest board ranges on the market and what do you get? It’s a Shinn, of course!

- New one size fits all progressive geometry

- Plush pro memory foam heel bed

- Micro adjustable tuning buckle

- Adjustable stance angles

- Ergonomic 3D bed shaping

- Zone specific traction pattern


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