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2017 F-One Hydrofoil - Hybrid Freeride - Alu & Carbon

2017 F-One Hydrofoil - Hybrid Freeride - Alu & Carbon

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Super popular all round surfboard for all wave conditions
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This Freeride foil built of aluminium and carbon is stable and really versatile for a performance foiling program. Lightweight and high quality this foil can be monuted on the F-one foil board or Mitu convertible.

The Hybrid Aluminium/Carbon Freeride is made of:
- Mast Aluminium 90cm
- Front Wing Carbon Freeride 600 or 800cm²
- Fuselage SST Carbon Freeride 42cm
- Stabilizer Carbon Freeride 300cm²
- KF-Box

Accessible, progressive, performing, light and maneuverable, the F-ONE kitefoil range has been created to provide the best dedicated weapon to all riders.

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it’s a whole new world. The F-ONE kitefoil range has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimise this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-ONE’s in-house naval architect, and the foil assembly concept was completely thought back towards ease of use.

Available in 600 and 800 carbon front wing size

                                   600                                                                                800

1. Longitudinal screw

2. Front Wing

3. Mast

4. Fuselage

5. Stabilizer

6. Squared & conical assembling system


The F-ONE 90cm Aluminum mast is a user-friendly foil mast which offers both ease of use and performance.

- Length: 90cm
- Chord: 11cm
- Thickness: 1.5cm
- Weight: 1.56kg

Using a specific aluminum extruded profile and a medium chord length of 11cm, its lightweight makes the foil easy to carry and move around both on shore and in the water. The performance enabled by its 1.5 cm thick, low-drag section ensures this mast will take some time to outgrow.

Equipped with the patented FAST CONNECTION DEVICE constructed from Pre-preg carbon, this mast comes with great modularity and ease of use as one single screw is all that’s needed to assemble the main parts together. Compatible with all F-ONE wings and foil parts, it is also completely watertight and corrosion free. This mast is recommended with the Freeride 800 and Freeride 600 wings to get the most enjoyable ride.

Easily fitted to an F-ONE Foilboard thanks to the all conical KF-Box, this mast offers great potential to enjoy the thrills of foiling.  


Area: 600cm²
Aspect Ratio: 5.6
Weight: 0.78 kg

Designed with less area but a higher aspect ratio than the Freeride 800 Wing, this one offers greater performance potential and can be controlled with ease, showing some predictable and intuitive characteristic.

It’s 600cm² offer enough grunt to lift you out of the water effortlessly and the wing remains easy and fluid to handle at pace thanks to its very sound profile.   

Built using Pre-preg carbon over a Forged carbon central core, the stiffness of the blades has been finely tuned to make it as stable and predictable as possible.

With great directional control provided by the arched span and enough area to rely on, the Freeride 600 wing can be pressed hard to reach higher speeds if this is what you’re after and will be a great all-rounder for freeride performance foiling.


Area: 800cm²
Aspect Ratio: 4.5
Weight: 1.05 kg

Designed as our first step into the range, the Freeride 800 wing impresses with its ease of use and predictable behavior.

With a medium speed this wing is very controllable, while its large surface area makes it a weapon for light air foiling. Its low take off speed ensures easy access to the world of foiling. Manoeuvers will also be easier as you progress along the learning curve as the wing will let you complete your transitions at lower speeds thanks to a tailored profile.

The wing is built using the high technology pre-preg carbon process over a Forged carbon central core for maximum strength, stiffness and durability.

A great freeride wing to enjoy foiling at any level.


Area: 305cm²
Aspect Ratio: 5.8
Weight: 0.24 kg

Solid, versatile and progressive, the Freeride stabilizer can be combined with any of the freeride or carving front wings and fits a very large range of practices.

Equipped with generous winglets, the stabilizer blade offers fantastic control with enough surface area to provide full confidence in all situations.

Built in Carbon Composite and designed to be securely mounted on F-ONE fuselages, its profile and angle of incidence were tuned to achieve a very intuitive balance which will help you get your foiling maneuvers in more easily.


Length: 42cm
Weight: 0.47 kg

Built out of Pre-preg carbon fibers around a steel core, the F-ONE fuselages are designed to be extremely stiff and provide perfect control with a low drag sectional area.

With a full stainless steel tail, the assembly with the stabilizer is solid and very reliable. The tail matches the angle of incidence required onto the stabilizer to guarantee an intuitive balance whatever the wing combo selected. 

The 42cm fuselage provides better directional and pitch stability which helps a lot at lower and medium flying speeds. Recommended with Freeride 800, 600 wings.



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