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2017 Airush DNA & board - Save £648!!

2017 Airush DNA & board - Save £648!!

£849.00 RRP: £1,477.00
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Brilliant first kite and board package......Includes:

2017 Airush DNA  6, 8,10 or 12m (used in excellent condition, check out each of the kites here
2016/17 kiteboard complete with fins, straps, pads & handle - New, many board options available - see below
2017 Airush Analog bar & lines (used, also in excellent condition)
Leash - used
Kite pump - New
Airush kite bag
Repair kit

Equipment information:

Airush DNA/Lithium kite:

The same design as the award winning Lithium with simple grapics and single inflation, the DNA is the top choice of many of our students after lessons due to its very easy to use characteristics while also offering excellent freeride and all round characteristics, a really fun kite!!

Discipline: Freeride

The DNA, when combined with the Analog bar and Vox board, make for a Perfect Package. Hassle free set up with none of the bells and whistles, to get you riding as soon as possible! For 2017, structure and rigidity was a focus for the DNA. Increases in the Leading Edge allows for an increase in stiffness throughout the canopy. This stiffness gives a more stable kite in gusty or unpredictable conditions, ideal for entry level riders.

Sizes: 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 14 & 17 LW


Tips and Tuning:

If a person asks me what’s the best kite to start with, I hand them a DNA.  It is absolutely too easy to use and will make learning a breeze.  I focused this year in beefing up the construction and adding the V3 bridle for more support.  This was a focus of entry level users and schools who crash their kites continuously  and we only found it fair to make it as bomb proof as possible without hitting your wallet.

The DNA also has no one pump system so it is really good for Kite Schools to use as they don’t have the hassles of tubing to repair any struts or bladders!




Hardcore Construction
All Airush kites feature the Hardcore Construction, a focus and commitment to structural integrity.

-  This includes a 4 piece strut with bomb proof double sandwich centre seam to reduce the amount of stitching points for reduce wear as well as increased rigidity.

- A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes.

- Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points.

Delta Hybrid Design
The Delta Hybrid design, in conjunction with the V3 bridle, gives the Airush kite a whole new meaning to its performance and feeling. Displaying direct and pivotal turning, the Delta Hybrid insures a great balance of speed and response.  Due to the swept wingtips and profile, the Delta Hybrid has instant relaunch capabilities, making this shape ideal for all-around riding and new riders.

Airush Progression Bar

Riders want the option of choosing the bar system that best suits their style, needs and budget. In 2016, Airush gives you a Progression Bar with more features. Using the all-new Airush Bar End, the Analog now has two size (45-52) options to fit a larger range of kites, making this an even more affordable option for riders. Featuring the Brain Quick Release system, the 2017 Progression Bar features all of the improvements of the 2017 Core Bar, yet maintains the same great look and simplicity. Together with 24M flying lines (with 10M and 14M extensions), the Progression Bar complies with IKO and BKSA teaching standards with quick and easy line changes, as well as single-line flag out safety.

Progression Bar Tech:
The Low Y System allows for single front line flag out system.   Providing a safe way of killing the power of your kite.  Not only improving safety, the Low Y increases the angle of the front lines, which avoids unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite.  By doing so, the wingtips become looser and move more independently, greatly increasing the maneuverability, turning speed and response of the kite.
The Airush Soft Touch is a durable rubber molding encasing the bar ends.  With a softer bar end, the Soft Touch prevents surfboard dings, adds an element of safety and comfort only available on the 2016 Airush control bar.
Loaded with high-tech features, yet simple & intuitive, the Brain quick release system features:
- NEW bungee in the release collar for reseating.
- Centre safety line with spin-able safety leash  (suicide with safety connection option).
- Easy to reset push-away release.
- Compact ergonomic design.
- Auto-orienting QR for unhooked riding.


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