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2016 Ozone Chrono V2

2016 Ozone Chrono V2

£1,549.00 RRP: £1,555.00
Powerful, fast and consistently forward flying, the Chrono is a light wind freeride boosting machine that also excels in racing on the water, land or snow.
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The Chrono V2 is the ultimate all round foil kite delivering outstanding performance on water, land or snow. Covering all riding styles from lightwind, freeride, jumping, racing or hydrofoiling.

  • All-round performance

  • Any surface – water, land or snow

  • State of the art technology

  • Experienced riders or with previous foil experience

  • Performance double surface 

  • Mid-high aspect ratio and new Planform

  • Optimized leading edge air intakes

  • L.E profile reinforcements

  • Internal straps

  • Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Lines 

  • High performance materials

  • Velcro + water out channels

  • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction

Our design goal with the second version was to take the original Chrono’s high performance characteristics and make it easier to use for riders looking for all-round ability in any conditions on any surface.

The Chrono V2 is more stable and easier to inflate; additionally this model has thicker sheathed Dyneema bridle lines to reduce tangles on the ground.

Experienced riders will find themselves at home with the Chrono V2. On the water with a Twin-tip the Chrono V2 large sizes are light wind monsters - loads of power, easy to jump and stable. Due to the abundance of power and efficiency, gaining upwind ground is ridiculously easy. In light winds it is impressive how high and floaty jumps can be! When the wind picks up and you are looking for serious height the smaller sizes really shine, no question at all, these are pop and go big machines, just edge hard and send it, too easy!

Riding with a Foil or Race board the benefits are immediately noticeable thanks to the longer lifting period a foil kite gives you during that critical tacking moment compared to an LEI. The combined performance of the kite and these types of boards makes 4 knot riding a true reality.

On the snow the Chrono V2 takes the sport to another level, more power and performance in light winds, extended jump and flight time with a much better glide angle. The improved handling makes it possible to ride in lighter winds just by generating apparent speed, so you can take a smaller size.

On the land the gains we have made in kite stability mean that you can work on your landboard or buggy freestyle moves and racing manoeuvers without worrying about the kite collapsing or falling out of the sky.


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  • RACE


Performance double surface – The Chrono V2 lightweight double surface design is combined with a mid-high aspect ratio and 46 cells. The high number of cells means the ribs are positioned closer together, creating ultra smooth surfaces with reduced drag and maintaining a clean profile, resulting in superior flight efficiency.

Mid-high aspect ratio and new Planform - The aspect ratio and planform have been re-calculated to be an optimum match with the profile for the ideal combination of stability and performance. 

Optimized Leading Edge air intakes – Newly designed intake valves are precisely positioned along the LE on the upper and lower surfaces. This leads to a stability increase and a more solid kite. The inflation is now easier and safer as the kite rapidly inflates from the centre to the wingtips.

L.E profile reinforcements – The Leading Edge is reinforced with flexible lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow.

Internal straps – Internal span-wise straps distribute load across the sail evenly and effectively, while also maintaining a cohesive internal balance controlling the high aspect ratio.

Sheathed Dyneema bridle lines – Requiring less maintenance and less likely to tangle.  The bridles are well proven; they are the same specification that we use on our Snowkite range.

High performance materials – High-tenacity sailcloth with extremely low porosity values and an overall lightweight enabled us to further stabilise the canopy and maximise fast flight characteristics.

Velcro + Water Out Channels – A 20mm internal channel is shaped into the end of the cells along the trailing edge to allow water run-out between the cells and out of the tips during flight. The Velcro dirt out channels can be opened for cleaning the kite.

Top surface deflation zip - Waterproof deflation zip on the top surface for easy and fast deflation.

Double pulley Speed System - Utilising high spec low friction Ronstan Orbit ball pulleys.


The Chrono V2 is a closed-cell foil and is water re-launchable, using the re-launch webbing handle that connects the rear flying lines it is possible to reverse the kite off the water and continue riding. An internal drainage channel running through to both wing tips allows any water that may have entered the kite to drain out.


The Chrono V2 features a simple yet effective front line flag out release.

WIND RANGE & BAR SIZE WATER (based on 80kg average level rider)

wind range land


wind range water

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