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2015 Airush Varial X

2015 Airush Varial X

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For high performance riders looking to do everything from boosting, wakestyle and waves
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Discipline: Aggressive all-round

The Varial X has been an ongoing development to meet the needs of high performance riders looking to do everything from boosting, wakestyle and waves. For 2015, the Varial X has a complete redesign while maintaining its character of quick, powerful and versatile. The SL-C concept behind the Varial X has remained while everything else has changed to meet a more demanding customer. A focus on wider windrange, a secure gust response, and easier relaunch was the outcome of a newer tip to chord ratio, a dynamic new wingtip layout and strut placement.

Bridging the gap between high-end performance and everyday riding, the Varial X is the kite to choose.

The Varial X durability has been increased further with the Technoforce D2 by Teijin along with the Airush signature Poly Load Frame to give an amazing rigidity and strength throughout the entire Airush canopy.

Read more about the changes in the 2015 Varial X compared to the 2014 Varial X click here!

Sizes:  6m I 7m I 8m I 9m I 10m I 12m I 14m

Team the Airush Wave with the Airush Smart Bar 6 or 2015 Airush Analog bar.


Blue I Orange

Key features:
- New Design for better relaunch and low end power
- Light and Direct Bar Response
- Increased LE Diameter in Smaller sizes for greater stability and support
- Aramid Load Frame Technology
- Double Rip Stop Technoforce D2 by Teijin Canopy
- New Oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System)
- All New One Pump System


Tips and Tuning:

“We had a lot of feedback on the 2014 Varial X, which indeed was an amazing kite. With this feedback we had to make a hard decision whether to try to tweak our current platform, or approach from a different direction to meet the requirements of the riders. We decided to do a redesign of the kite taking quite a few characteristics from the Lithium such as a more low-end feel and quicker relaunch, while keeping the Varial X boosting, turning and bar feeling which was very important to keep. “

– Mark Pattison. Airush Kite Designer



Poly Load Frame

With the overwhelming positive response of the Aramid Load Frame being used in the Razor and Wave. Airush has decided to implement the same concept of structural integrity and performance into the Lithium, Varial X, and Diamond with the all new Poly Load Frame. Durable Polyester Fibers are used just like Aramid, strategically placed along the kite to give a more solid connection and prevent stretching throughout the canopy. This proven technique is one of a kind and only used with Airush kites.



V3 Bridal System

The V3 bridle system contributes significantly to the feeling and performance of supported leading edge kites, in addition the total depower adds immensely to the safety benefits. The positioning of the bridle attachment points on the LE of the kite, combined with the V pulleys, give a range of movement. The result is steering that is light, but direct enough to feel where your kite is while riding. This also enables the kite to be steered and controlled when the kite is completely de-powered, which is ideal for wave riding.



Technoforce D2 By Teijin

This premium fabric is used in conjunction with the Aramid Load frame for the ultimate combination of durability and performance. Ongoing testing has highlighted the lowest stretch and highest long-term reliability of any materials available.


SLC Design

The Supported Leading Edge c-kite or SLC is dedicated to riders who want everything from a 5 line C-kite in a 4 line format. The SLC concept gives a C-shape arc and squarer wingtips, which delivers great turning and direct response in combination with the bridle that supports the leading edge, great range, depower and relaunching abilities.


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