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2014 Shinn Turbo

2015 Shinn Turbo Kitesurf Kiteboard
2015 Shinn Turbo Kitesurf Kiteboard
2015 Shinn Turbo Kitesurf Kiteboard
2015 Shinn Turbo Kitesurf Kiteboard
2015 Shinn Turbo Kitesurf Kiteboard

2014 Shinn Turbo

£359.00 RRP: £585.00
Shinn Turbo is edgy yet supreme in chop, an amazing balance between high-speed grip and full rail turns.
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Discipline: X-Over Carving

What if the Monk had a brother?
Not looking to join the Freestyle World Tour? Not interested in un-hooking? Keep reading – we made the Turbo thinking of you. The Turbo is the latest deck in the line of Shinn where we focus on your riding style and not force you to ride in ours. Edgy yet supreme in chop, an amazing balance between high-speed grip and full rail turns. If the Monk Forever is x-over straight then the Turbo is his diabolical twin and x-over curve.
Featuring all the tech you have come to expect from a Shinn – constant curve rocker, Sneaker X foot beds & straps, deep gloss finish and introducing our all new V twist tail outline the Turbo has teeth nicely wrapped up in a civilized package.


Sizes: 130x41 I 132x42 I 134x44

Key features:

  • V Twist Tail Technology
  • SQ2 Top mould
  • Constant Curve Rocker
  • Full wood core
  • Supplied with BITE 57mm fins
  • Made in Europe
  • 2 year warranty
  • Sneaker X straps and pads connection system
  • A lighter Tech


Feel rating:


V Twist Tail Technology
The most striking aspect of the Turbo is the V twist tail cutout. Not a blast from the pickle-forked past, this feature is crucial to the amazing blend of performance the Turbo offers.
Using a slightly stiffer, faster reacting central flex laminate means the Turbo is both alive under your feet and engaging to ride whilst on the rail but put it into a turn however and the twin tips the V creates can flex independently of each other giving the feel and the carve of a much softer board.
Hard carving and hard edging, what is there not to like.


Squoval Mould
The result of 10 years R and D the Squoval mould provides un-paralleled levels of bi-lateral flex in the tips of your board whilst maintaining rigidity under your feet. No other 3D mould shape can match the comfort and performance of the Squoval mould.

Constant Curve Rocker
Our continuous rocker delivers constant edge grip in all water states. Constant grip, means constant pressure and more time to concentrate on your next move not controlling your board through the chop.

Progressive concave
Used to both stiffen the centre section of the deck without affecting the tip flex and at the same time decrease the rocker of the board when riding it flatter (ie under powered). Every Shinn features a progressive concave in the base. more below

Full wood core
When it comes to board cores the solution is clear. No other product offers the same strength to weight to reliability ratio. You expect the best and we give it to you full wood cores on all Shinn boards.

Made in Europe
By strictly manufacturing all our products in Europe we maintain the quality control and performance you have come to expect when buying a Shinn. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for – guaranteed!

2 year warranty
Here at Shinn we stand by our products and that’s why we offer you a full 2 year warranty. If your deck fails you we’ll replace it (terms and conditions apply).

Sneaker X connection system
Memory foam pad inserts, adjustable stance angles, non-slip buckle adjustment and zero tolerance nonslip surface all add up to the lightest and most comfortable deck connection system on the market today.  more below

Hydro-Flo technology
Our new Hydroflo2 shaping adds a host of features to optimize your ride for more performance without compromise. Newton explained the concepts of action and re-action and we’re not going to disagree with him.

Extended CC Rocker
If you have to choose one single factor that has more impact on wakestyle performance than any other then rocker would be at the top of then list. Featured on the ADHD, this evolved CC rocker has exaggerated lift in the tip and tail simultaneously increasing the hook into your POP and softening your landings.

A lighter tech
Everyone knows that weight matters, all Shinn boards come in significantly lighter then their equivalents from other brands. Lighter on your feet, more reactive in the air and no strength compromises made to achieve it. In our case you really do pay for less!


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