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2014 Shinn Phenomenal V2

2014 Shinn Phenomenal Kitesurf Kiteboard - £250 off
2014 Shinn Phenomenal Kitesurf Kiteboard - £250 off
2014 Shinn Phenomenal Kitesurf Kiteboard - £250 off
2014 Shinn Phenomenal Kitesurf Kiteboard - £250 off
2014 Shinn Phenomenal Kitesurf Kiteboard - £250 off

2014 Shinn Phenomenal V2

£349.00 £290.83 (ex. VAT) RRP: £599.00
You’re a lady and you’re serious about freestyle? There’s no other choice - the Phenomenal
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£250 saving!!!

Discipline: Women's Freestyle

If there was any doubt in our dedication to women last year we introduced the Phenomenal - the first dedicated wakestyle board for ladies. For 2014 we’ve bought in the lessons we learnt from developing the ADHD and created what’s without doubt the best performing ladies freestyle board - ever. Using the Hydro Flo 2 hull shaping and SQ2 top mould have allowed us to fine tune the flex profile for bindings and increase the grip when riding small or no fins. We’ve kept the tail wider for easy to access POP and an increased wind range.

Happy in choppy coastal waters or the butter of your nearest lagoon if you bring your “A” game this board won’t let you down. You’re a lady and you’re serious about freestyle? There’s no other choice - the Phenomenal really is the only board designed just for you, it’s a Phenomena.

Sizes: 134 x 40 I 136 x 42

Key features:

  • SQ2 Top mould
  • Hydro Flo 2 tip channels
  • Dedicated binding inserts
  • Full wood core
  • Supplied with BITE 43mm fins
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in Europe
  • Sneaker X connection system
  • A Lighter Tech

Feel rating:


Hydro Flo 2
Our new Hydroflo2 shaping adds a host of features to optimize your ride for more performance without compromise. Newton explained the concepts of action and re-action and we’re not going to disagree with him.
Hydro Flo2 offers:
  • More POP – Controlling tip torsion increases POP without effecting the control and landing comfort afforded by over all flex
  • More GRIP – Multiple channels increase grip without resorting to larger fins that can catch on high speed landings
  • Less DRAG – the central tunnel V re-aligns and compresses flow over the tips establishing a clean water release from the end of the board
  • Less Resistance – keeping the central section of the hull free from lumps and bumps maintains a smooth fluid path and reduces power loss through friction

SQ2 Top mould

New for 2014 the SQ2 3D deck mould is a development of our popular Squoval mould designed to allow more flex control in the core as it tapers from the thicker central section to the thinner tip and tail. Crucial in controlling both longitudinal and torsional flex the SQ2 top mould opens new doors in both performance and comfort.

Progressive concave
Used to both stiffen the centre section of the deck without affecting the tip flex and at the same time decrease the rocker of the board when riding it flatter (ie under powered). Every Shinn features a progressive concave in the base.

Full wood core
When it comes to board cores the solution is clear. No other product offers the same strength to weight to reliability ratio. You expect the best and we give it to you full wood cores on all Shinn boards.

Made in Europe
By strictly manufacturing all our products in Europe we maintain the quality control and performance you have come to expect when buying a Shinn. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for – guaranteed!

2 year warranty
Here at Shinn we stand by our products and that’s why we offer you a full 2 year warranty. If your deck fails you we’ll replace it (terms and conditions apply).

Sneaker X connection system
Memory foam pad inserts, adjustable stance angles, non-slip buckle adjustment and zero tolerance nonslip surface all add up to the lightest and most comfortable deck connection system on the market today.

A lighter tech
Everyone knows that weight matters, all Shinn boards come in significantly lighter then their equivalents from other brands. Lighter on your feet, more reactive in the air and no strength compromises made to achieve it. In our case you really do pay for less!

Sneaker 5
They may be the 5th generation of our legendary connection sets but the Sneaker 5 is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.
Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel we took a long hard look at the things we wanted to keep and found new ways to integrate some awesome new features.
It may seem intuitive but the positioning of the all new toe ridgeproved tricky to define but nail it we have, providing a mountain of grip when you wanna be locked into the straps yet no barrier to your exit when things get hot and you need to leave in a hurry. Likewise the new heel cupping secures your feet giving re-assuring leverage when you need it yet doesn’t impair movement during your wilder rides.
If you want comfort, lightweight, adjustability and control all in one package then the Sneaker 5 really will fit the bill (and your feet!).

• New 3D Heel shaping
• New Ergonomic heel ridge
• Micro-buckle adjustment system
• Memory foam for customised fit
• Adjustable stance ducking
• Zoned traction


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