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2013 Liquid Force Envy 12 & 9m with FREE 7m!

2013 Liquid Force Envy 12 & 9m with FREE 7m!

£2,149.00 RRP: £3,149.00
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Fantastic package of the highest quality to cover you for a huge wind range. These kites work perfectly together in the set, 

Purchase a 12 and 9m Envy  and receive a 7m completely FREE!! 

2013 Liquid Force Envy 12, 9 and 7m kites
2013 Liquid Force CPR bar and lines
2013 Liquid Force Max flow pump with shaft extension
Liquid Force Envy kite bag x 3 (type may vary)
Repair kit

Option to add a choice of boards contact us for a discounted package price to include any of the boards we offer.

Super stable, rock solid all round kite that excels in every condition for any rider

This is a great all round kite and one that we have chosen to use in the school for the last 4 years, it is super stable and solid in the sky, easy and forgiving to use but with good performance. As well as being great for learning on it it is usually the kite the instructors take out themselves and is used by many pro riders, plus it has the highest quality and strongest build available.

Check out more photos of the 2013 Envy here

The 2013 Liquid Force Envy has 3 struts to reduce the weight making the kite lively, responsive and producing amazing light wind/underpowered performance as it is nearly impossible to back stall.

The diamond wingtips and USB (Ultra Stable Bridle) gives the kite huge depower, effortless water re-launch, awesome stability and a very rigid structure for instant response and solidity in the sky. Liquid Force's diamond wingtip gives a large surface area in the wintips which produces fast and smooth turning unlike most delta shaped kites

The deep 'beyond delta' canopy shape allows the Liquid Force Envy to catch a large amount of wind making it powerful, fly well even when very underpowered and drift extremely well. The fantastic stability and drifting capabilities give the kite perfect wave riding and unhooked wakestyle performance, this really is a do anything, go anywhere kite from beginner to pro!

As with last years kite, the 2013 Envy keeps the outer struts closer to the wingtips and the whole wing tip is full dacron to eliminate any flapping of the canopy to produce a powerful and smooth turn with constant pull. For 2013 the 2.0 bridle has been replaced with the 3.1 which is even simpler and set further apart in the centre to give increased stability, improved depower and even better water re-launch. The struts are thinner to increase the kites efficiency and speed through the air.

The build quality of the Liquid Force Envy is the toughest and highest quality on the market, you don't need to worry about smashing it down or dropping it in the waves, this kite will take all the abuse you can throw at it and will the fly like new day after day. This strong build also makes the kite really rigid, adding to the stability and responsiveness.


  • Re-enforced double layer leading edge construction
  • Exo struts - Ultimate structural bonding
  • Glued and blind stitched panel assembly
  • Dacron canopy framing and full dacron wingtips
  • Kevlar and EVA bumper strips protecting critical leading edge joints
  • Technoforce T9600 canopy material - the best out there!

2013 CPR bar system is fantastic with a very simple and effective push away safety release providing a 100% depower flag onto a front line or 90% depower onto the depower main line - check out the video below

MAX FLOW inflation system for effortless 40% faster inflation and super quick deflation and the additional extra of a 'Super Shaft' extenstion to the pump shaft to give a higher handle to reduce back ache when pumping.

Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 15m


Blue theme - blue/green/yellow/black
Green theme - green/blue/orange/black
Orange theme - orange/yellow/green/black

Available kite only with bag and repair kit or complete with 2013 Liquid Force CPR bar and lines, leash and Max flow pump.



We are pilots of the wind- blown skies. But it’s not a ride unless you can steer. The CPR bar is the simplest, safest kite control system on the market. The seamless one-piece design, Center Push Release safety system, and ergonomically designed grips mean you’ll never want to let go.
Attach the leash to the flag line for 100% depower by either the CPR release or simply dropping bar. Attach the leash to the main line for 90% depower that allows you to relaunch and ride immediately. The below-the-bar cleat, moulded as part of the CPR chicken loop, lets you make adjustments effortlessly.
Left hand. Right hand. In front of the bar or behind it. The Liquid Force CPR (Center Push Release) is a patent approved safety system. Reset it by simply snapping the chicken loop back on to the main line and pulling the red release down until it clicks.
Better flotation for bar recovery, and reduced diameter for improved grip, With no metal or mechanical parts, there’s no chance for breakage, rust, or corrosion. The color coded EVA grip makes it easy to identify the left and right side of the bar. Tubing wrapped leader lines prevent near bar tangles. The LF bar is better than ever.

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