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2012 Liquid Force Influence Kiteboard - £100 off

2012 Liquid Force Influence Kiteboard - £100 off

£389.00 £324.17 (ex. VAT) RRP: £489.00
The Market leading bindings freestyle kiteboard!
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The Liquid Force Infleunce 2012 

Liquid Force’s pro rider, Jason Slezak’s, personal ride!!! Jason continues to have an undisputed influence in the kiteboarding world. He is the master of smooth style and powerful riding in all conditions. Jason and Jimmy Redmon put their heads together to make a board that will help any rider progress to any level. A dual stringer, wood composite core combined with slightly more rocker makes this board absorb chop, cut upwind, and handle jumps and transitions with ease. A single to double contoured bottom shape help smooth the ride and soften hard landings.

The 2012 Influence not only kills it with bindings but is also one of the best straps boards on the market. We rode this board a lot last year and it was by far our favourite. The rocker and bottom shape give it a super silky smooth ride even over the choppiest of seas and its mid flex produces huge pop. Both the medium flex and rocker along with the outline and fin position also make it good for carving and playing in the waves. The ultimate all round board!


Board highlights: medium flex, medium rocker, single to double concave bottom contour, wood / composite core, Liquid Rail, sublimated graphics.

Sizes: 133cm x 41cm, 137cm x 42cm, 141cm x 42.5cm

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The Influence offers a huge range of top end characteristics:

-Liquid Rail, Urethane Rail - replacing the contemporary ABS which doesn't allow flex and can cause delaminations in heavy landings.  
-Bottom Contour Shape 
-Double Concave to Double Channel Bottom Contours - helping with breaking the water on landings, funnels water for a faster and smoother ride while also breaking up the water in choppy conditions.  
-Custom Slot Tip/Tail Design - smooth cut through the water minimising spray to the face
-Liquid Rail Sidewall Construction - creating the best rail and wall construction on the market for top end durability
-Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core - the PVC / Wood core stringers offers something no other board does. The wood adds durability and flex while the PVC keeps the performance and 'rebound'. The rebound is how quickly the board recovers to its original shape after being flexed which massively aids its 'pop' and performance. A standard wood core offers plenty of flex but poor rebound whereas the mixture of PVC and wood is the perfect combination.
-LF Competition Flex Profile - The influence flex program offers excellent explosive pop when leaving the water and brilliant tail and nose flex for softer landings and smoother ride in less than perfect conditions, but also excellent for pressing rails or flat water.
-Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours- The Thumb rails not only offer a great grip indent while carrying a wet board but more importantly an added strength profile so the deck depth can be keep to a minimum reducing weight while massively increasing the strength.
-Top and Bottom Graphic Treatments- scratch proof gloss top and bottom sheet

Boards come blank but any of the straps & pads or bindings we offer can be added.

Click HERE to view them all

When Liquid Force straps and pads are purchased with a Liquid Force board they have a 20% discount.

Liquid Force Board Technology
1. Liquid Rail, Elastomeric Sidewall. This exclusive feature is the strongest and most durable rail on the market.The Liquid Rail creates a solid unity of the board’s top and bottom sheets that withstand hard impacts protecting the board.

2. Bottom Contour Shape. Every Liquid Force kiteboard uses unique bottom contours to assist in up wind performance, to water release for hard pop and soft landings

3. Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core.  Another new technology advancement for 2011 is the addition of our combination  Wood/PVC foam core. The wood gives our boards the most lively flex of any boards on the market while the foam keeps the weight to a minimum, providing the best ride money can buy!

4. Molded cores.  (in some models) for the best strength to weight ratio at an affordable price.

5. Deck contour. Precisely designed con- tours for added flex tuning in torsional rigidity and tip to tail flex pattern.

6. Grind base.  Exclusive to Liquid Force kiteboards is the new Grind base. This base will withstand the greatest abuse from rocky launches, rails and sliders to throwing the board in the back of the truck.

7. Metric inserts.  Ultra light M6 metric inserts at a 6” spread.

8. Unidirectional fiberglass.  Unidirectional fiberglass layer allowing for smooth flex and unsurpassed durability.

9. Triax weave cloth.  Triax weave cloth that gives the best durabil- ity with out soaking up excess resins decreasing weight and creating a lively feel.

10. UV Resistant.  UV resistant sublimated graphic tops sheets radiating vibrant color.

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