2014/2013 Liquid Force HiFi X Kitesurf Kite - 60% off
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Liquid Force HiFiX - 60% off

2014/2013 Liquid Force HiFi X Kitesurf Kite - 60% off
2014/2013 Liquid Force HiFi X Kitesurf Kite - 60% off 2014/2013 Liquid Force HiFi X Kitesurf Kite - 60% off
RRP: £949.00
Our Price: £399.00
Kite only or complete


Over 60% off 7m kite, from only £399!!!!

Demo kite available to test, come and try this awsome kite out!!


Discipline: Freestyle / Wave

Do you dream of hitting the PKRA? A core rider who appreciates the power, finger-tip control and gut-check excitement a C-kite offers. You need the all-new HiFi X the brand-new modern C-kite from Liquid Force.
For the core C-kite rider with the expertise to tune in a kite for increased power, performance, and responsiveness, the Hi Fi X allows riders to adjust their kite in terms of turning, slack, and speed.
The Hi Fi X is the fastest turning kite in our fleet, making it a favorite of riders who demand the ultimate in performance. Bonus: extreme adjustability at the bar for tuning both bar pressure and turning speed.
For hard pop, g-force ac- celeration, and massive kite loops, the HiFi X. A competitive freestyler’s dream kite for throwing technical, new school tricks. And the graphics? No one is going to miss you on the water, or in the sky.

More photos HERE

Sizes: 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m

Blue theme - Blue/Purple/Green/White (main image)
White theme - White/Orange/Blue/Purple (2nd image)
Orange theme - Orange/White/Green/Blue (3rd image)

Available kite only with bag and repair kit or complete with 2013 Liquid Force CPR bar and lines, leash and Max flow pump.


Max Flow Inflation

Inflating your kite should be easy, and with the exclusive Liquid Force Max Flow valve and pump system, it is! The widemouthed setup is nearly effortless and 40 percent faster.

Synergy Struts

The new Synergy Struts add extra rigidity to the canopy profile for an ultra-responsive, direct feel.

Bomb-proof Construction

Built with the finest materials and most durable design, all of our kites feature a fully glued-and-stitched overlapping canopy assembly, a balanced Dacron reinforcement-to-weight ratio, double-layer Dacron leading edge, and molded-EVA leading edge bumpers.

DURA-X Rip-Stop Fabric

Double laminated, high strength-to-weight ratio rip-stop canopy material. On the NRG only.

T9600 Canopy

Liquid Force Techno Force technology features Teijin Ripstop T9600 material, ensuring continued high-end performance.

Adjustable Direct Steering

With adjustable connection points on the trailing edge, you can customize bar pressure and turning speed to fit your needs.

Low-Profile Cascade Bridle

Redesigned for 2014, this low-profile bridle system will never tangle with wingtips, and delivers high-end range, immediate response, and smooth, predictable power.

CPR Control Bar

The CPR Control Bar utilizes a non-mechanical Centerline Push Release (CPR), making it the most trust- worthy on the market. Plus, it’s loaded with other safe, simple, and reliable features.

Pump faster. Pump smarter.

Want to pump up your kite in 40% less time? Of course you do. Even better, you'll get to do it with the only pump on the market that won't give you a backache. The Liquid Force Max Flow one-way high-airflow valve fills your kite faster than ever - and the Liquid Force unique handle extension means you're not bent over your kite. Combine that with the integrated pressure gauge, and you've got the best kite pump on the planet. Your pump is a tool. Make if work for you.



We are pilots of the wind- blown skies. But it’s not a ride unless you can steer. The CPR bar is the simplest, safest kite control system on the mar- ket. The seamless one-piece design, Center Push Release safety system, and ergonomically designed grips mean you’ll never want to let go.
Attach the leash to the flag line for 100% depower by either the CPR release or simply dropping bar. Attach the leash to the main line for 90% depower that allows you to relaunch and ride immediately. The below-the-bar cleat, molded as part of the CPR chicken loop, lets you make adjustments effortlessly.
Left hand. Right hand. In front of the bar or behind it. The Liquid Force CPR (Center Push Release) is a patent-approved safety system. Reset it by simply snapping the chicken loop back on to the main line and pulling the red release down until it clicks.
Better flotation for bar recov- ery, and reduced diameter for improved grip, With no metal or mechanical parts, there’s no chance for breakage, rust, or corrosion. The color coded EVA grip makes it easy to identify the left and right side of the bar. Tubing-wrapped leader lines prevent near-bar tangles. The LF bar is better than ever.

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