Liquid Force Drive kiteboard 2016 Review

The Drive is Liquid Force’s all round freeride board which is aimed at beginners and intermediates offering early planning, smooth carving, grip and excellent upwind ability.


We have used the Drive both ourselves and in the school since its first came out in 2013, it did not change shape in 2014 and 2015, just graphic and foot strap updates. The relatively flat rocker with parallel rails through the centre and rounded tips gave the board an efficient ride with early planning, good upwind ability and nice carving ability when slashing waves or putting in big heelside transitions. It worked perfectly for students buying their first board and I also took it on holiday to have fun and carve in the waves in Fuerteventura.  It also looked great with the wood core showinng through and was a popular board.


For 2016 the Drive uses a similar shape and rocker but with one huge difference, the profiled wood core now has a concave running through the base.


This concave does a few things to the ride of the board, firstly it helps channel water flow along the length of the board, it also acts like a suction, helping keep the board stuck to the water and reducing bouncing. These features smooth out the ride of the board especially when kitesurfing in choppy conditions, going over waves or on landings from jmups, it also gives the board a very nice smooth grippy carve with really nice water flow out of the tail of the board. You can really feel the water passing the fins and gripping all the way through a carve and the difference compared to last years when riding over bumps or coming into land is amazing, this board feels like a top end freeride board such as the Liquid Force Legacy or Shinn Monk….smooth and hard carving!


Last years was perfectly suited to beginners and intermediates but advanced riders would have wanted a bit more performance, the 2016 board has it all, I can’t recommend it enough and I think it will really be a giant killer and there will not be many Legacy boards sold this year as it feels so similar but at a far cheaper price.


For 2016 the Drive also comes in more sizes which is great for beginners and heavier riders:

134 x 39.5 – Purple
137 x 40.5 – Orange
140 x 41.5 – Green
143 x 42 – Blue


Again, the Drive has brilliant graphics and look great with the wood core showing through and very nice colour schemes for each size


The 2016 Solo straps have now arrived into the UK, just in time for the winter months and neoprene bootie season which is where these straps excel as they have a huge size range and can accommodate small feet or large feet with boots


If you are looking for your first board or you are an intermediate/advanced rider looking for a new freeride board, definitely take a look at the 2016 Liquid Force Drive kiteboard and if you would like to demo one, we have a few sizes available so come and have a play!



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