Mystic Legend 6/4/3 FZ Wetsuit Review

I’ve opened my new Legend just in time for the upcoming cold months. I always get a new wetsuit in the autumn so it’s nice and tight fitting with no holes throughout the winter. 

I haven’t used a Mystic suit for the past few years but did have a Majestic and Crossfire previously. Since my last suits Mystic have changed the factory in which they are produced and now share with Rip Curl so the build and materials have changed. 

The old Mystic suits weren’t that stretchy and the seams had problems which was the reason I switched to O’neill. I’ve been using the PsychoFreak which is their top end suit and a good direct comparison to the new Legend. 

I have been really happy with the O’neill, it’s warm, stretchy, dries fast and held up well so I have no complaints but I thought it was time to give Mystic a go again. 

I’m almost the exact dimensions to fit a size medium, right in the middle of the size chart so as always I went for an M. When first trying the Mystic Legend on it was very tight, to the point I thought it may have been a size small. It probably took me 5 minutes to get into the suit, which for someone that usually jumps into a suit in 30 seconds is quite a long time. As expected it was a tight fit! 

My initial thoughts on the suit after its first use weren’t brilliant. The weather wasn’t that cold so it was hard to the Legends warmth but due to the tight fit it didn’t feel very stretchy and I was tempted to switch if for an O’neill straight away.

I thought I’d give it a chance though and tried it for a couple more sessions. I’ve now used it around 10 times for both surfing, kitesurfing and standing around instructing so in various different conditions. 

After about 3 or 4 uses the wetsuit stretched a little and now the medium is a perfect fit so something definitely worth noting when purchasing one. It didn’t take much and then the Legend was an ideal fit. Once stretched the Legends stretchy material came alive as well, it is actually a very stretchy suit but just didn’t feel like it to begin with. It made paddling as easy as in any other suit I’ve used. 

Something I’ve noticed especially when surfing are the cuffs, they taper down to a very thin thickness of material and are a very tight fit with a sealant on the inside. I’ve found this to be brilliant as it doesn’t let anything in, not even a trickle. I’d say it’s probably better than my old O’neill who pride themselves on having the best cuffs in the business. 

The Mystic Legend has very thick material on the legs, noticeably thicker than any other area of the suit. This does mean that it is less stretchy on the lower half of the suit but I’ve not found this to be a problem as you don’t need that much movement but I have found it keeps you really warm. There is a lot of blood in your legs so if they stay warm the rest of your body does as well. I like this compromise, I’d prefer to have more movement in the upper body but still stay warm from the heat generated from the legs. A nice touch. 

The taped seams are a huge improvement on the old Mystic ones which cracked and leaked after a few months. Now there are no ‘liquid seams’ (the rubber plastic type sealant used on most seams of wetsuits), the seams are glued and taped on the inside, but with a flexible durable material. This appears to be a far better idea, it’s more flexible and durable with no downsides. 

Mystic Legend quick dry lining and taped seams


Quite possibly the best feature on the Mystic Legend is the thermal lining, it is just brilliant! It’s nice and thick, comfortable, really warm, doesn’t smell and dries really fast (about 2 – 3 hours in the UK winter – not bad! If my O’neill wetsuits were quickdry then this is really quickdry!). I can’t praise it enough. It’s much thicker than the other linings on all the other Mystic suits and I’d say worth the extra money on top of the Majestic. The polygiene finish does seem to keep the stink away as well so that’s a bonus as well. It’s December now and I’m yet to feel the cold in the suit. 

There are a couple of negatives to the suit…the neck seal is one of them, it’s simply not as good as a rolled neck seam. Although it’s tight and doesn’t leak it’s not as comfortable. 

The Legend I have is a front zip and the zipper is quite small and more difficult to use than wetsuits with larger zippers but not a major issue. 

Mystic Aquaflush – for those who only use the suit for kitesurfing or wakeboarding have probably only ever thought of this as a positive as it drains away and water that gets forced up your leg when riding but I have found it a negative in other situations. If I’m surfing or instructing the cold water that creeps into the drain holes can be a bit annoying. It’s not a real problem as that water soon heats up and you don’t notice it but a slightly nasty surprise for the first 30 seconds. I’m torn on the feature, it’s good in some ways and bad in others. 


After initially thinking the Mystic Legend wetsuit was a bit naff I now love it to the point I’d probably recommend it over the O’neill Psychofreak. Yes it’s very tight to begin with but it stretches quickly and then fits perfectly. If it were sized slightly larger like most suits it will then be too big after a few months use and it’s stretched a little (as most suits are and do). The lining is amazing, the best lining I’ve come across in a wetsuit and the seams are faultless. It’s warm, stretchy, smells good and dries really fast. What more could you want? The neck seam isn’t as good as others but I can live with it for what the rest of the suit offers. It’s a winner and comes in slightly cheaper than it’s competitors for a top end suit








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