Liquid Force Solo 2015 Review

Liquid Force Solo 2015 kite:

We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to try all the three sizes currently available, 6.5m, 9m and 12m and everything Liquid Force have said in the write up’s is absolutely true!
The Solo is unlike and other one strut kite and we have tried quite a few, it has a skinny leading edge and ridiculously thin strut, these give it very little drag so it is fast and efficient through the air giving it responsive turns, awesome apparent wind, great upwind and super fast to inflate (it took us 32s to fully inflate the 12m!!)
Having only one strut means the kite’s weight is heavily reduced, the Dura-X laminted canopy material also helps this as it has the graphics built into the canopy rather than adding heaving screen printing afterwards. Being light allows it to climb the window very quickly and it is nearly impossibly to stall, even in very light winds in the hands of a complete beginner it was still easy to use.
When flying the kite it has a nice bar pressure, a little heavier than the rest of the Liquid Force range which gives you a good direct feel, the depower is very smooth and progressive. We used the 6.5m in strong winds and it felt very stable, safe and easy to control and absorb the gusts. The final arms reach of depower range gives zero power as it can spill all the wind out of the back of the canopy due to its more swept design, more on the bar depower than the Envy or NRG.
The kite is very powerful, on the day we took the 6.5m out we also took the 9m down as we thought the 6.5m might be good on the surfboard but not good for boosting, we were very wrong! The 6.5m was well powered and we did some massive jumps. It boots really well as the quick turning and thin leading edge allow you to send it back instantly and fast and the open canopy gives fantastic float. The pivotal turning allows you to loop and throw it around for a soft landing. Usually the kites with less struts and simple bridles struggle in high winds as they distort and feel a bit sketchy above your head, the Solo is rock solid and you would not think it had one strut, there is some canopy flutter when depowered but you don’t notice it at all, no strange feeling through the bar and the kite is smooth and predictable.
We used the 9m for a lesson and the 12m ourselves both in lightwinds and were very impressed by its ability to fly well underpowered, this is where its lightweight and efficiency really show. Even when the wind was very low it still climbed the window well, moved around the sky nicely and didn’t stall. Its quick turning allowed us to keep it moving and its skinny leading edge and strut create a thin profile which allows it to keep flying forwards so it creates fantastic apparent wind, we can’t wait to try the 15.5m as I think it will be even better than the NRG and easier to use!
The Solo’s other trump card is its wave riding skills, the quick, responsive, pivotal turning without too much power plus forward flying and driftability even on slack lines make it awesome on the waves, the 6.5m was perfect, we think it is Liquid Force’s best wave kite by a long way and possibly the best on the market, can it beat the Airush Wave?!

liquid force solo

We also took the Liquid Force Solo on our snowkite trip to Italy, we wanted somethings that would be stable in the mountain wind, lightweight to handle the lulls but also needed to offer good performance for jumping and freeriding around the mountain……The Solo really worked and we think was the perfect choice, we are not sure what other kite would have worked as well. Its stability was perfect in the turbulent wind and its quick turning and skinny leading leading edge offere excellent jumping performance and its hangtime was amazing, on one jump Thomas was in the air for nearly 30 seconds!!

Overall a brilliant all round kite from complete beginners to experienced riders wanting to use it in the waves, cruising or jumping.


Video below showing how powerful and efficient the 2015 Liquid Force Solo is in light winds



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