Liquid Force NRG review


The NRG is the next step up from the Envy in the 2013 line up, it is high aspect ¬†with an open shape and has a thin efficient profile, these features produce loads of power and allow the NRG to fly upwind, create enormous jumps and serious hang time……the floatiest kite we have ever used!! For 2013 it has been given a complete redesign and is a huge improvement over the 2012 kite, it is higher aspect and has more swept back wingtips, also now has a direct back line which really aids its turning speed and gives it a much more direct feel, plus also improving the water relaunch.

Due to its amazing power and efficiency the NRG is available in 14 and 16m sizes and called in the NRG Lightbreeze which is flatter and higher aspect, also has a thinner, even more efficient and fast profile plus more open shape to create maximum power.

If you have been kitesurfing for a year or two and looking for a kite with more performance or like to jump, we seriously suggest you try the Liquid Force NRG!

We have an 8, 10 and 14m available to demo

Video below showing what is possible on these very powerful and efficient kites in very low winds and the other showing the opposite end of the spectrum, boosting big jumps in strong winds



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