Liquid Force Hifi X Review

Hifi X

The Liquid Force Hifi X is the performance C kite in the range and the evolution of the Nirvana and legendary Hifi Comp. Completely re-designed for 2013 the Hifi X has gone back to its hardcore roots…………more aggressive, higher performance and more extreme!

This brand new design is higher aspect, thinner leading edge and straighter trailing edge, these features make the Hifi X more efficient and quicker through the air producing bigger jumps and kiteloops as well as making it go upwind even further than before.
The wide wingtips and direct attachments create responsive and quick turning with the 5th line keeping the centre of the kite stable and solid throughout its flight, making it fantastic for wakestyle and strong winds.
The diamond wingtips give the Hifi X a surprising amount of depower, far more than other C kites on the market and not far off a bridled SLE kite.

After using this kite we loved the fact that it had been taken back to the extreme characteristics of the original Hifi Comp, but we were very surprised that the stability is also massively improved, its great! More performance and more stability!

The Hifi X has 3 settings on both the front and back lines attachments to give increase the turning speed and bar pressure or set the kite up to sit further forward in the window for freestyle or sit back for wakestyle.

If you are looking for a high performance freestyle and wakestyle kite that excels when kitelooping and jumping with direct and solid feel, the Hifi X is the kite for you.


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